I have been accepted to teach in Shanghai, China during the Summer Session of 2017.

I will be teaching Internet Marketing.

Students will learn how the Internet and Social Media have become a necessity in modern business, and
discover how they can assist in marketing. The Internet is an extremely useful tool for marketing planning,
and has become a necessary and integral part of a firm’s marketing mix. The primary objective of the
course is to focus on how the Internet can serve as an invaluable resource for the marketer. You will learn
about the Internet from its beginnings until present day and the advantages and disadvantages of
marketing on-line as well as complete a hands-on project.

If you have any revisions or additions you wish to make to these course details before they go to the
printer, please let me know. Also, let me know if we need to list a prerequisite for this course. We rely on
you to ensure that what you teach abroad will meet degree/general education requirements at your home
campus in order to make sure your own students will benefit from joining you. Note that all our courses
are approved and articulated at the University of Nevada, Reno, and we may need to make changes to the course departmental designation and/or course level based on the Nevada catalog as we pursue articulation. I will inform you if this becomes necessary.

Acceptance Letter

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